Tips for identifying TV DX from Mexico and Latin America

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Updated March 25, 2013

Televisa and Azteca operate a number of unofficial TV stations which are not on the government list of licensed TV stations. I have IDed several of the Televisa and Azteca unofficial stations, and Ed Phelps has IDed one of the Azteca unofficial stations. The list on this page contains the unofficial stations that I am aware of being on the air.

The two graphics below are used to show examples of unofficial stations. My list of unofficial stations follows the two graphics.

The first graphic below is the Guanajuato page from Televisa's transmitter list. Note that two unofficial stations (which are not on the government list) are on the Televisa list: XEZ-3 Culiacan and XEZ-2 San Miguel de Allende. I have IDed both of these stations by local text IDs.
See my XEZ ID photos on this page

The second graphic below is the Puebla page from Televisa's list. Note the unofficial channels 2 and 5 in Tehuacan, which have both been IDed by me.
See my XHHLO-5 ID photos on this page

Unfortunately, the Televisa list is from 2001, so there may be new unofficial Televisa transmitters. Furthermore, I have not been able to find an accurate list of Azteca transmitters.
See Televisa list

Unofficial Stations and City of Service vs ID/Transmitter Location (March 25, 2013)
Station/City of Service
(Unofficial stations in red)
Network ID/Transmitter Location
XHCSA-2 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas Azteca-7 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas is on text ID
XEZ-2 San Miguel de
Allende, Guanajuato
Canal Cinco San Miguel de Allende,
Guanajuato is on text ID
XHHHN-2 Tehuacan, PUE Canal Cinco Tehuacan, PUE is on text ID
XHCOL-3 Colima, Colima Azteca-7 Atenquique, Jalisco is on text ID
XEZ-3 ?Celaya and Salamanca?,
Canal Cinco C. Culiacan, Guanajuato is on text ID
XHKYU-3 Tizimin, Yucatan Azteca-13 Tizimin is on text ID
XHWX-4 Saltillo, Coahuila Azteca-13 Saltillo, Coahuila is on text ID
XHURT-5 ?Uruapan?, Michoacan Canal Cinco Cerro Burro, Michoacan is on text ID
XHIH-5 Tehuantepec, Oaxaca Canal de las Estrellas Palma Sola, Oaxaca is on text ID
XHHLO-5 Tehuacan, PUE Canal de las Estrellas Tehuacan, PUE is on text ID
XHDY-6 Location unknown Relays independent
XHDY-5 San Cristobal
XHDY-5 Logo upper right
Thanks to Ed Phelps for XHKYU-3 information.